Our range of Champagne wines

Arnaud Tabourin has selected three distinctive Champagne wines for your pleasure: Brut Tradition, Brut Chardonnay (or Blanc de Blancs), Rosé Brut and a special cuvée matured in oak casks in the best family traditions, the Cuvée Or.

In 2004 we launched a new wine, Rosé des Riceys, a still Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée rosé, also vinified on the spot.

In 2016 we added our limited edition Eclipse Blanc de Noirs, a white champagne made with ‘black’ (dark-red) grapes.

Champagne Brut Tradition

An even, well balanced blend of wines from the three Champagne grape varieties (Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay) with a delightful, unique aroma combining two Champagne terroirs, Marne and Aube.

A great classic suited to all festive occasions.


  • Champagne Brut Tradition 37,5 cl6.58 € HT7.90 € TTC
  • Champagne Brut Tradition 75 cl11.67 € HT14.00 € TTC
  • Champagne Brut Tradition 150 cl26.67 € HT32.00 € TTC
  • Champagne Tradition demi-sec 75 cl11.67 € HT14.00 € TTC

Champagne Brut Chardonnay

This all-Chardonnay cuvée, made with grapes from our Vertus vineyard (in the midst of the Côte des Blancs, in Marne), will astonish you with its fine bubbles and delicately citric aromas.

Serve it as an apéritif or with fish and seafood.


  • Champagne Brut Chardonnay 75 cl13.25 € HT15.90 € TTC

Champagne Brut Rosé

This pink champagne is a finely balanced blend, integrating a Pinot Noir red grown in the Champagne vineyards.

It has a delightfully elegant colour and enticing fragrance, making it ideal for an apéritif or a fruit-based dessert.


  • Champagne Brut Rosé 75 cl12.75 € HT15.30 € TTC

Champagne Cuvée Or

This cuvée made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes is aged for 10 months in oak casks. After careful vinification the Cuvée Or is cellared for several years. It will appeal to wine lovers looking for refinement, elegance and a slightly woody taste. You will have no difficulty identifying some buttery, cakey notes too.

We only make small quantities of this wine, but it may be enjoyed all the way through a meal. Particularly good with foie gras.


  • Champagne Brut Cuvée Or 75 cl15.58 € HT18.70 € TTC

Champagne Éclipse Blanc de Noirs

Made entirely with Pinot Noir grapes from our oldest vineyards of the domain,

A rigorous manual picking , allows us a selection of our best grapes.

Produced in only limited quantities this Champagne, glitters like gold, first revealing a mixture of citric and pear flavours.

This Champagne is a real treat, fully expressing the power yet elegant refinement of Pinot Noir.




  • Cuvée Eclipse Blanc de Noirs Brut 75 cl29.17 € HT35.00 € TTC